Caramel Gold® is a game changer that redefines the classic definition of how gold looks, exuding a delicious warm glow. It’s a refreshing change  for jewelry lovers who are looking beyond  the usual  yellow , white and rose gold. 

The love for gold is beautifully entwined in our way of life, and Caramel Gold®  with its distinctive looks ticks all the right boxes and  has an instant appeal to jewellery connoisseurs across generations. 

Caramel Gold® doesn’t require any colour dipping like white or rose gold, thus the colour of Caramel Gold® remains unchanged over the years.  It blends seamlessly with diamonds and gemstones. In some cases, the vibrance of the gemstones is enhanced  when set against the warm tones of Caramel Gold®. 

Our designers and artisans love creating and crafting innovative Caramel Gold® jewellery shimmering with our signature handpicked collection of diamonds and gemstones. In addition to being stylish and functional, Caramel Gold® jewellery gives our clients the joy of adorning gold jewellery with a delightful difference.


What is the purity of Caramel Gold®?

Caramel Gold® is just another form of gold. Caramel Gold® jewellery is of 18K purity (or) 75% gold, like any white or gold jewellery.

Does Caramel Gold® have the same resale value as regular gold?

Of course. Caramel Gold® is just another form of regular gold, and has the same resale value.

Does Caramel Gold® lose colour over a period of time?

Absolutely not! Caramel Gold® is the natural colour of gold after special alloys are added to naturally occurring gold nuggets. As they do not undergo any colour dipping like white or rose gold , Caramel Gold® remains unchanged and strikingly pretty year on year.

Can I get Caramel Gold® from other jewellers?

Caramel Gold® is an exclusive trade mark signature line  collection of Sitaram Jewels. You cannot find this absolute charmer with any other jeweller.