The Midnight Diamonds® from Sitaram Jewels  will remind you of a starlit night sky….delightfully dark with hints of magical sparkle.

Midnight Diamonds® open a whole new world of artistic possibilities for our designers and master artisans. Giving wings to their creative ideas, they love integrating these beauties into different metals to craft one of a kind designs that can make heads turn and hearts skip a beat.

Each Midnight Diamonds® jewellery masterpiece has been thoughtfully created understanding the fact that only Midnight Diamonds® can do justice to the design.

Black diamonds  vary in shades between deep black, not so black, and greyish black. We carefully handpick our Midnight Diamonds® which are blackest of black color

They bloom into perfection under the able hands of our expert gem cutters. Once cut to desired shapes, they are polished with the same finesse as white diamonds. There, now you know the secret behind the magnificent sheen of our Midnight Diamonds®. 

Our signature Midnight Diamonds® jewellery collection is a firm favourite among jewellery connoisseurs who love adorning statement pieces to make an impact.


Are Midnight Diamonds® natural diamonds?

Yes, Midnight Diamonds® are natural diamonds treated for evenness of colour. 

Why are Midnight Diamonds® colour treated? 

In nature, the probabilities of finding an absolute black diamond is low when compared to that of finding a white diamond. It is a regular trade practice to treat these diamonds to give them a deep black colour, to get an even look in jewellery. Our Midnight Diamonds® are exclusively handpicked . 

How are Midnight Diamonds® different from other black diamonds available in the market?

We consider our Midnight Diamonds® ‘The King’ among all black diamonds available in the market. Each of our Midnight Diamonds® stands a class apart because of the evenness of colour, precise cut, luminous polish, and a spellbinding sparkle.